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T-shirt with skirt

Oversized T-shirt matched with an asymmetric skirt is loved by many chic girls. We all know that the bottom down shirt can corporate with the sheer skirts or asymmetric skirts, but the T-shirt is more comfortable than the bottom down shirt. If your shirt is not long enough, or you afraid of wardrobe malfunction, T-Shirt, Shorts and Skirt Overlay is the good choice. Even if you don’t have an asymmetric skirt like Dana Hourani, you could tie a button-down or statement top over an oversized tee and denim shorts to achieve a similar look.


Sheer top with Jeans

Summer really is a good season, and we can put off the coat and wear voguish dress and shirt, so excited! There are lots of new trends happening this summer. Sheer is one of the biggest trends on the horizon. Also this year, the excellent designers created many amazing lingerie. It is a chance to show them. But some people are intimidated by sheer tops, they think that the sheer tops show off too much skin or are too hard to wear. It is not right, because the black sheer with a simple tank is beautiful and safe. The best look is matched with a pair of jeans, also can matched with shorts, but it show too much , we just need a attention, it is enough.


One shoulder

One-shoulder are part of a fashion trend,even in this year. All of kinds of clothes have this style, such as dress, tops, and jumpsuit. It is chic and feminism. Also we can create our own one shoulder top by buying a loose tee and letting one side fall down your arm. This year the one shoulder with a giant ruffle is hot. Pair it with a skirt or short is a cute look. If in a one shoulder dress, the better is wearing a strapless bra.

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